I really should concentrate on the site

I started it what, 15 years ago? It’s still going, stronger than ever though I am hesitant to say better. It’s not so focused or focussed as it was (both spellings are correct our Lance Concannon informed me today) on the whole racing community, but it brings new people into the sport and for that I’m proud of the work that we’ve done. It has my name on the top, but nothing like that can be done by one person. It’s the work of many.. and I should stop taking it for granted and put some bloody effort in.

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Is TV good?

A work in progress

It’s a received and oft repeated wisdom when participants of our sport appear or when our racing is on tv that it is good for the sport.

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Here’s a thing

I’m typing this on a bluetooth keyboard paired up with my phone, getting some odd looks from the other people on the bus. What do they think I’m doing, just practising typing?
Even for me that would be a bit eccentric.
I’m back on the Isle of Man, I can’t wait to see Jo again and the boys of course. The Island feels more and more like home every time I come back, not long now and it will be a permanent thing.

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The Beatles

Everyone and their dog has an opinion about The Beatles, if they’re over 30. I know some people (OK, two) that don’t like The Beatles and I know a lot of people who say they like them but can’t name more than 4 songs.

I’ve been listening this evening to try to remember (not try and remember, that is the worst of our language down the pan and teachers now think it’s legitimate to teach) why it was I had a thing for the Beatles and I must say, the music was innovative compared to the other off the shelf music of the time. They were coming up with melodies, playing with harmonies, trying to fit 5 bars into 4 when they thought it might work. Coming from a later era and listening again I can see now why it was ground breaking. When I first listened it was just like all the other music, but pop music has chained itself to the money making machine and lost this thing that The Beatles had, the ability to actually make new music without it being shocking or sounding like an aircrash. Some of it didn’t work, but if it didn’t work you’ve only lost two minutes of your life listening to it.. it’s what they say now about comedy, you have to try it out and see if it works. The experimented a lot and so much of it worked.

I used to take The Beatles for granted. I don’t now.

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Dream on

These are just rough notes of tonight’s dream. I would love to write the whole thing in detail but fear it is fading already.

Rice in the washing machine to get it off the work surface quickly in the kitchen when the doorbell goes while tidying up. 

A shop in a mall inside a hotel, at the quiet end, which sells suits and something else totally non suit related.
The hotel is a big old building more like a town hall than a hotel.
Hotel towels missing from the rail by the window and hands coming through the window from the pool outside.

Strangers in the room to get changed after I replace the towels

Netbook keyboard falls apart

Parents helping decorate – both, as the ceiling starts to fall in. Then the washing machine has the front door blow open and there is rice everywhere. I remember the rice but how did the curry get there?

That’s all I remember for now.

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I’ve installed a Swype keyboard on my nexus 7 tablet and I have to say, it is a lot easier than the original Google keyboard.
It not only lets you type by sliding your fingers across the keyboard but tries to predict the word you’re going to use next. It learns the words or sentences you use most and adapts to suit your own style.
The handwriting recognition isn’t something I would use much, but the voice recognition seems to work well.

I like it so far.

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This guy took his own life on his 60th

This guy, who wasn’t well, took his life on his 60th birthday. My big issue with this?
60 is faaaar too young to do something like that. I guess he really was ill.


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