I’ve said it before, the edge 1000 is great when it works but a bitch when it goes wrong.

New power button.. new case. Ended up having to strip down the battery and speaker connector to swap across.


Bertie has new teeth, 6 less than before though

Bertie the Brompton has had a new chain and sprockets fitted and as the job needed doing I thought I’d take the opportunity to go down to a 44T chain ring rather than the standard 50.

Quite a few of the Brompton club ride on 44s, mostly those hardy folk up in Yorkshire or the lunapaths who do long tours fully loaded so I wasn’t sure if it was a geat idea or if I’d spin out a bit.

Having ridden for a couple of days now I can definitely say it’s an improvement. I do spin out in top on slight downhills, 123rpm is just on 30mph so we won’t be doing the top speeds of the roadie, but the Brompton gets a bit scary over 35mph anyway if you hit any potholes. Where it really helps is around town where 80rpm is 20mph in top gear, my natural cadence at what is about the right effort to ride all day. It means on slight uphills just changing to fifth, one gear change on the derailleur where before it would mean changing from 5th to 4th, which is one shift on the derailleur and one on the hub, a pain to do regularly and smoothly. I much prefer this and hardly have to go to second hub gear at all now.

First gear on the hub hardly got used before but feels like it will be a lot more useful on real hills now where before it was still awkwardly geared for me.

So yes, I like it. It seems to fit better just like the standard 3 speed hub does on Bessie Brompton (my other one in Black).

USA Day Four, Monday

This was going to be a busy day, we had a trip on a Paddle wheeler booked for the afternoon and dinner in the evening at GW Fins for Deb’s birthday.

The day started, yet again… with a street car ride. We took the usual green beauty (The streetcar named desire) to canal street, where we then changed for the red and yellow variety, this time heading for the city park.

We had been informed by Kim, our hostess at the Parisian Courtyard, that in the City Park there was a cafe called Morning Call, where the Beignets and coffee were more than a match for the offerings at Cafe du Monde, the over touristy place on the seafront in the French Quarter. Yet again, Kim proved to be absolutely correct. I didn’t doubt her for a second. After a walk through the park, we caught the street car back to the dock and boarded the Creole Queen, a paddle wheeler (not steamer) for a trip up the Mississippi.

The tour guide was a guy named Charles Chessnut, a very knowledgeable, humorous man who made the tour infinitely better than it would have been and left us all feeling educated. His talk on the way back explaining the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was very moving.

And then to the evening. We caught an Uber, the first time I have ever used the app although it has been on my phone for over a year. The driver appeared on time and the price was great.

We got to GW Fins 15 minutes later than our reservation, not the driver’s fault I must add, to be told that we were 45 minutes late. Both of us had put the wrong time in our calendars.

The food was amazing, the drink was good, Deb blew out her candle on the smallest birthday cake ever and a great time was had.

USA Day Three, bought a brolly

The rain was due to start and bang on cue it did.

The National WWII Museum is in New Orleans and what a place it is. The theatre show is something else. Allow yourself a lot of time to get all the way round if you plan to visit the museum, we didn’t and it’s a shame as we probably won’t get to visit again. I’ll have to have a look sometime and see if there is a google view or tour, I know they have some of London’s historic places available for virtual tour.

Sunday night we headed back to the French Quarter and this time ended up in The Maison, another jazzy place which had another amazing band on.