2 races 2 wins

Jonathan Rea did it again, 20 became 38 so the accounts are 48 up for the weekend. That will pay for the can home last night. 

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Good start

The racing season is nearly upon us. The world superbikes have gone to Australia.

Let the little flutters begin. £20 on Jonathan Rea turned into £50 in the first race, which should have been 30 and 75 but I hit the wrong key and didn’t change it. I’m not so confident about race 2, we shall see.

As long as the weekend works out on a plus so that the rest of the season is played using winnings only, it’s all good fun.

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Shame really. It looked fantastic but the phone can’t capture it like a camera can. Looking out of the hotel restaurant window, which also looks over the Clyde. 

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At last. 

This is Bertie the Brompton. Bessie is out on loan at the moment. 

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You can’t always get what you want

In this case, a read more tag. Seems to be missing from the android WordPress editor. Well isn’t that funny,  you can insert it in the full editor online

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What a week. 

I’ve booked 43 hours in 4 days, still have today to go and a 12 hour shift Saturday night into Sunday. Not sure when I last booked a 35 hour working week. 

Thankful for the chance to earn enough extra in a week to buy a new Arai so no complaints eh! Leathers next week, soon be ready for the season on the Bears and a bit of F1. 

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Let’s try again shall we?

I usually tire of this after a month or so, but this year could and should be different. 

Let’s give it another chance to flourish. 

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