Garmin, you’re a useless piece of junk

I have a Garmin edge 1000. The princely sum of £450 for something on the handlebars that has a worse touch screen than a first generation mobile.

I was already unimpressed with its ability to lose track of all satellites or sensors, to not be able to route from one station to another in central London or to reroute through the middle of pedestrianised town centres of you deviate for a closed road, not what you need in a hurry.

Now after going out in the rain for the first time, with the rubber bung in place over the port the whole time and drying out before being plugged in, it won’t see the charging cable and has gone flat, probably forever.

I don’t even see how to get a repair sorted on the support site.

Seriously, it’s junk.


I’ve been preoccupied

First, my veloviewer infographic and a couple of screenshots. Then the excuses… 6,478km so far this year after a slow start. It’s tailed off lately but I can revive it I think although the 8000km probably won’t happen.

There’s no list of excuses really. Debbie moved out of her place and into mine a couple of weeks ago and we are still sorting the house out. She already had a lot of furniture and mostly better than mine, let’s just say the guy down the tip knows me well now and the house looks very different.

Actually there is also another I guess. The racing got a bit busier. Here we are at cadwell a few weeks back, the action photo I just realised is from the meeting before but you get the idea.

Yes really. Race winners the last time out. Very good fun, and yes a beard now.

Busy couple of weeks

I’m about 150km behind target cycling for the year. I’m aiming for 8050km – I know the 50km seems odd but it makes 5,000 miles – I’ve been working weekends and night shifts which complicate life. On the plus side they’ll pay the bills.

With the nights getting darker earlier and colder the evening riding isn’t looking so attractive, who wants to go 50km in the dark while getting wet?.. but I had a lieu day Monday so got a daylight ride in while I could.

Not too horrendous. You can find me on Strava here by the way..

The website is still ticking along

When I havent updated the website ( Steve’s Place, as per the link up top) for a few days I feel like it’s not worth bothering with, if I’m not reading it who is?

All I have to do is look at the analytics to remind myself it does get used and kick my arse into gear.

The last seven days for example, 33k page hits and 2300 users on, 757 yesterday after I posted some news.