I’ve been preoccupied

First, my veloviewer infographic and a couple of screenshots. Then the excuses… 6,478km so far this year after a slow start. It’s tailed off lately but I can revive it I think although the 8000km probably won’t happen.

There’s no list of excuses really. Debbie moved out of her place and into mine a couple of weeks ago and we are still sorting the house out. She already had a lot of furniture and mostly better than mine, let’s just say the guy down the tip knows me well now and the house looks very different.

Actually there is also another I guess. The racing got a bit busier. Here we are at cadwell a few weeks back, the action photo I just realised is from the meeting before but you get the idea.

Yes really. Race winners the last time out. Very good fun, and yes a beard now.


The website is still ticking along

When I havent updated the website ( Steve’s Place, as per the link up top) for a few days I feel like it’s not worth bothering with, if I’m not reading it who is?

All I have to do is look at the analytics to remind myself it does get used and kick my arse into gear.

The last seven days for example, 33k page hits and 2300 users on, 757 yesterday after I posted some news.

What a week. 

I’ve booked 43 hours in 4 days, still have today to go and a 12 hour shift Saturday night into Sunday. Not sure when I last booked a 35 hour working week. 

Thankful for the chance to earn enough extra in a week to buy a new Arai so no complaints eh! Leathers next week, soon be ready for the season on the Bears and a bit of F1.