It’s been a bit cold here the last couple of days.

Of course, it being cold and slightly snowy is no reason to leave the bike at home, although I am looking forward to it being warm enough to giving Bertie a good clean over.

As you can see, he’s been playing in the slush a bit..

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July 28th, Brompton World Championship finals.

I received an exciting email yesterday, at least for a Brompton rider like myself.

So I’m in. I would like to say it’s due to previous athletic results and my obviously sporting nature. I can’t.. It was by ballot. I don’t care. I’m in and am looking forward to having a go.

See you there 🙂

Been away, going home today

It’s been a long time, in the words of led Zeppelin. We headed up here to Falkirk for work on a Sunday so today is our 11th day away. The combination of working days and then a few nights for some of it, then back to a day shift to finish off has done me in sleep nowise, so here I am 4am wide awake and I’ll be knackered by 8pm.

I did get to ride Bertie a couple of days, once to Edinburgh and once to Glasgow along the Forth and Clyde canal.

I’ve seen the Falkirk wheel and the Kelpies so it hasn’t been a non stop work thing, both are amazing spectacles but I really want to go home now.

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Garmin, you’re a useless piece of junk

I have a Garmin edge 1000. The princely sum of £450 for something on the handlebars that has a worse touch screen than a first generation mobile.

I was already unimpressed with its ability to lose track of all satellites or sensors, to not be able to route from one station to another in central London or to reroute through the middle of pedestrianised town centres of you deviate for a closed road, not what you need in a hurry.

Now after going out in the rain for the first time, with the rubber bung in place over the port the whole time and drying out before being plugged in, it won’t see the charging cable and has gone flat, probably forever.

I don’t even see how to get a repair sorted on the support site.

Seriously, it’s junk.